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    Tuesdays @ Lunch after FMP in K201

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    VEX Team 5327

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    Software and Website Development

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    Demo Robot

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    Projects: Pancake Robot

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    GFR Tournament Battle of the Bay

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    Robotics Room P5

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    Welcome to the Gael Force Robotics Club!

About us


We are an experienced and completely student-run high school club whose members work on both real life engineering projects and participate in the VEX Robotics Competition.

Around 6 years old now, our club takes pride in its members’ teamwork and problem solving skills. We also heavily emphasize the engineering design process and ensure that all members have knowledge of such engineering aspects through our yearly seminars.


Tim Degerness

Tim Degerness


Derick Louie

Derick Louie

Vice President

Jeffrey Fisher

Jeffrey Fisher


Jamie Jin

Jamie Jin

Event Director

Javieer Singh

Jaiveer Singh


Sarang Vadali

Sarang Vadali


>Wesley Wong

Wesley Wong



Mr.Brown & Mr.Taylor



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5327 Development

Team 5327A is one of the four VEX teams that represents Dublin High School in the VEX community. It is based in Dublin, CA and is participating in the VEX Robotics Nothing But Net Challenge for the 2015-2016 season. Team 5327A consists of five members that vary in grade level and are focused on developing an effective robot by applying proper engineering concepts.

Our team looks into every aspect of the engineering field. We cooperate and work together for every step of the design process. We are looking to make all of our members efficient in specific jobs as well as having a sufficient knowledge in other roles. Although we are focused on developing a dynamic robot, our main aim is to evolve all of our members in personal skills and in engineering skills.


Hello, we are VEX Team 5327B from Dublin High School in Dublin, CA that is participating in the VEX Robotics Nothing But Net 2015-2016 Challenge. We are a team dedicated to design, innovation, learning, and most of all, fun.

We use the design process to solve problems when we build our robots. Our two main goals are to learn and to have fun. Additionally, our team members have dedicated themselves to do the best they can and learn as much as possible this year. If you continue reading this notebook, you will discover our use of the design process and our desire to learn and improve.


Team 5327C, one of the four teams from Dublin High School, consists of 5 members with varying levels of experience and expertise in robotics and engineering. Our team encourages learning through application in robotics.

We apply many of the engineering concepts taught in classes and hope to use robotics as a learning tool to gain experience in engineering and design. Each of our members have different areas of proficiency, allowing us to work well as a team and achieve success.


This team consists of five team members who vary from a freshman to juniors. Our goal this year is to ultimately gain knowledge about essential engineering principles, but also to attain success in this competition.

We all have different talents and specified jobs, but at the same time attempt to gain more knowledge in fields that we feel weak in. Winning would be great in order to display our development, but personal development of skills is a significant goal as well.



Exciting Announcement

Big announcement! VEX Teams B and D have qualified for states in the last VEX competition of the year! Congrats. In addition, project period will be ending soon. Project Teams please email James with your status updates.




The new website is online! Please turn in your contracts ASAP! If you do not return the contracts, we must ask you to leave due to safety reasons.



Club Contact Email


Advisor: Mr. Adam Brown & Mr. Jeff Taylor

Email Mr. Brown

Email Mr. Taylor

Ms. Brown can be found in J204, and Mr. Taylor in J107.